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Watch Out For This Parasite in Raw Fish if You Love Sushi

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Thousands of cases of anisakiasis have been seen in Spain and Japan, and the illness (which is caused by parasites in raw fish) is popping up in America, South America, and other European countries, as well.

WFAA says that these parasites could lead to life-threatening complications, but those afflicted with the bug are more likely to become very ill with vomiting, bleeding, and a fever. Less serious, but still prevalent, is the added gross-out factor. Photos of the little while worms attached to human stomach lining are enough to make anyone feel a little nauseous.

CNN writes that the “anisakis parasite can live as a larva for several weeks in a human stomach, it will die before developing into an adult. But before it dies, it produces an inflamed mass in the esophagus, stomach or intestine.” In order to ride oneself of the worm, patients can have it removed via endoscopy or wait it out and treat their symptoms since there isn’t a specific drug that’s known to kill the parasite.

Apparently, the worms are visible in raw fish, so restaurants with reputable, experienced chefs will most likely not serve up a dish with the parasite. When eating sushi at home, the CDC recommends freezing the fish for at least 72 hours before consuming it.