Watch the Great Conway Twitty Perform “Hello Darlin'”

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What more can be written about the legendary Conway Twitty? Other than the fact that it’s never a bad time to go back, way back, to when he dominated airwaves and television screens across the nation with a signature style of guitar pickin’ and gravitas we haven’t seen since.

Of course, Twitty was a premier Rock ‘N’ Roll artist before he made the switch to country back in the late 1960s, but as soon as that happened he was the top-selling country music artist of all time until a little-known fella named George Strait rode into Nashville.

1970’s “Hello Darlin'” was the singer’s breakthrough hit and maybe his biggest ever, and primarily what he was known for until his collaboration with fellow Country music legend Loretta Lynn.

The song features simple chords and a stern tone but is always enjoyable and harkens back to an era of music that is, undeniably, classic.

Watch as Conway Twitty performs “Hello Darlin’.”