Watch the Legendary Eddy Arnold Sing “Cattle Call”

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Second only to George Jones, the Tennessee-born Eddy Arnold and band scored a whopping 147 songs to make their way on the Billboard charts throughout the 20th century as one of Nashville country’s favorite artists.

One of his more popular tracks was “Cattle Call,” one of the Western Writers of America’s Top 100 Western songs of all time. It was a signature song of Arnold’s, who actually first appeared on country music radio at age 16 back in 1934.

That was the same year the song was originally written, by none other than Tex Owens. Owens claimed he wrote it out of sympathy for the poor Kansas cows he saw out at pasture during a snow storm.

But it was Arnold’s version that spent 26 weeks on the charts, which he recorded in 1955, already in his third decade of performing. A pioneer of the “Nashville sound,” he would go on to record new records into the 1990s and keep on a singin’ until he was 80 years old.

Watch the legendary Eddy Arnold sing “Cattle Call” live in 1956: