Spend Time Relaxing and Watching This Rescue Kitten Livestream

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address recently brought us the sweet tale of Mason, the grizzled old feral cat whose heart melted when he met a group of kittens, but the TinyKittens organization has much more to offer cat lovers online. Located in British Columbia and run by Shelly Roche, TinyKittens aims to show that no cat is a lost cause and that correct health, care, and love are necessities when it comes to kitties. As they say on their website, “We want to show that every life has value, and we often prove that by taking on the really hard cases that wouldn’t be given a chance anywhere else. We are driven to fulfil our purpose by developing new programs with an impact that radiates far beyond our daily rescue activities.”

In order to let the public in on TinyKittens’ rescue efforts, and to encourage others to get involved in fostering pets, Roche started a livestream video of his foster kittens. Right now, the stream features kittens rescued from the British Columbia wildfires.

If you happen to tune in when the kittens are asleep or there’s not much “action” going on (let’s face it, cats love to nap), check out TinyKittens HQ’s other videos here.