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Leaving Water Bottles in Your Car Can Lead to Burnt Seats

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In a video uploaded by YouTuber King of Random back in 2012, the host shows that the convex edge of the water bottle can help to light paper on fire in order to aid someone in an emergency situation. It only took a few seconds of hitting the perfect angle to get the paper to start smoking. Eventually, he has a full fledged fire on his hands. While this may be helpful in an emergency, it is certainly not something you want happening in your vehicle by accident.

In order to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving water bottles in cars, Idaho Power recently uploaded their own video on YouTube. In the video (seen below), a technician with the company says he noticed a water bottle in his own truck starting to make his seat smolder. The bottle managed to burn two tiny holes into the plastic seating, which he found incredibly shocking. Using a heat gauge, he was able to see that the seat reached 211 degrees next to the bottle.

In order to keep your seats safe from burns, keep water bottles away from the sunlight, even if you only leave them in your car momentarily.