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Water Therapy to Help Your Four-Legged Friend Recuperate

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Recently, CBS News reported on water exercises that are helping dogs regain mobility after sustaining injuries called hydrotherapy, as shown in the video below. Hydrotherapy is a technique that is helping your four-legged friend get back on their feet. A long time treatment in helping humans heal, hydrotherapy is found to have beneficial effects for dogs as well.

According to Houston, TX, Village Veterinary Clinic, (VVC) “Doctors began noticing the impact of cold seawater treatment on racehorses, which is still begin practiced today and started making devices that could replicate the benefits of the sea water therapy. Hydrotherapy pools were then designed specifically for canine treatment.”

Veterinary clinic around the country are utilizing this technique to get dogs up and running again after sustaining injuries such as back and disk injuries. How it works is that your furry pet is placed in a harness that is suspended in warm water above a treadmill shares the VVC. “These pools are heated to relax the muscles and joints, creating a controlled and comfortable environment for your dog. Jets are often added to create resistance and enhance the physical therapy.”

Depending on the type of injury your dog needs, most ailments related to the spine or joints can be treated, according to the VVC. “Dogs that are born with congenital conditions can use hydrotherapy to maintain their strength as they grow, and older dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia can use the therapy to maintain their strength and mobility as well.” To keep your pooch going, and maintain an active lifestyle, hydrotherapy seems to be a great resource for your furry friend to be in less pain, and a lot happier.