3 Shocking Ways That Texas Will Have You Trippin’

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We all love our state with a passion that is unsurpassed! And, we don’t deny that there have been times even we’ve wondered, “What on Earth?” about things that can happen here – but, that keeps us on our toes! Good, bad, or otherwise, we wouldn’t trade living in the Lone Star State for anything, and here’s why:

1. High School Football Has a Cult Following

Three Shocking Ways Texas Will Have You Trippin’

Photo: Flickr/Ralph Arvesen

Instead of religious fanatics, think football fanatics! We love us some high school football! We praise our players, love making it out to games, and basically would eat, sleep, and breathe under the Friday night lights.

2. Chips and Queso Are a Food Group on Their Own

Three Shocking Ways Texas Will Have You Trippin’

Photo: Facebook/Lone Star Taco Co.

We will drive a long way to get our hands on this combination. There are so many good places to choose from, we could legitimately get a case of queso and be happy!

3. And, Once You Try Our Tex-Mex, Well…

Three Shocking Ways Texas Will Have You Trippin’

Photo: Facebook/Beth Stratbucker Photography

There’s just no telling what you’ll do when you’ve tried our Tex-Mex! You just might end up trippin’, it’s so good! Seriously. But, don’t just take our word for it. Maybe plot out your own Texas Tex-Mex road trip to see for yourself. You won’t regret it!