How to Make a Proper Grilled Cheese… on a Grill

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When you think about it, the name ‘grilled cheese’ is kind of misleading. We make it on a stovetop typically, and I can’t think of one person I know who throws their grilled cheese on a grill.

However, food genius Alton Brown makes a surprising case for grilling the grilled cheese the right way, even it does involve a silly-looking spatula. Basically, his argument is that cheese that is melted and bubbly on a grill has so much more flavor than cheese just slapped between two slices of bread on the stovetop.

The bread develops this beautiful thick, crusty texture and picks up the smokiness of the grill, too, but watch your slices carefully! You won’t want them to burn, and they can do so fairly easily. When melting the cheese, you have a little time to move around the backyard, maybe toss a frisbee around while you wait.

Then, just slide that gooey, bubbly cheese onto the toasted bread and wrap in foil. Place that little heavenly sandwich back on the grill for a few minutes so all of the flavors can combine, and boom! You’ve got one delicious grilled cheese on a grill.

You’ll be the grill-master extraordinaire once your friends and family eat their grilled cheeses and bask in the deliciousness.