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Couple Looking for Pair of Wedding Crashers Who Attended Their Wedding

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Two New Jersey newlyweds recently learned that wedding crashing isn’t just something that happens in the movies. According to ABC, maid-of-honor Aimee Boardman noticed during the wedding that the couple seemed to be the odd ones out, but she assumed that she must be friends of the husband. Later, when the bride and groom opened up their gifts, they noticed a card with a Poloroid of the crashing couple taken at the wedding along with a “buck for luck.” That’s right, the wedding crashers gifted a single dollar along with good luck wishes and an apology for invading their wedding.

“They did not try to go unnoticed at the wedding, they asked for an extra seat at the table they sat at, they ate dinner, drank, danced (even convincing people at their table to dance and even danced with the bride’s nieces),” Boardman told the news. “Unbelievable!”

But the bride and maid-of-honor aren’t upset. In fact, they found it hilarious! According to, bride Karen Tufo said that there was plenty of extra food, and the photos of the couple on the dance floor are too funny to not enjoy.

Now, the newlyweds are hoping to meet the crashers. “I want to take their hands and tell them good job,” Karen Tufo said. Check out the pictures here.