What Do You Think a $28 Wedding Dress Would Look Like?

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Have you ever felt curious about those super cheap wedding dresses you see online on websites like Wish? You know, the ones that are marked down from hundreds of dollars down to less than $50? YouTuber skip2mylou felt the tug of curiosity, as well, but she took things a step further and went through with the purchase of a $28 white wedding dress, marked down from $830!

In a video uploaded in August, Lou takes us through the process of finding the “perfect” dress on Wish. After looking at some reviews and finding a large price difference between the original and sale price, she makes the purchase and waits two whole months for the dress to arrive in the mail.

When Lou unwraps the dress from the plastic wrap it comes in she says, “That’s not bad! That’s not bad at all.” Though it isn’t shockingly bad (which will surprise many viewers), Lou goes on to compare the dress side by side by the photos in the original posting, which reveals a bit of false advertisement. See it unfold in the video below.

Skip2mylou currently has nearly 55,000 subscribers and 8 million views on her various YouTube videos. Check out her channel here to see what other kinds of fashion-inspired experiments she gets into.