A Wonderful West Texas Road Trip: Stay, Play, and Enjoy

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If you really want to feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the Lone Star State’s wide-open spaces, and get a glimpse of an untamed part of the country, then “Go West, young man.” West Texas, to be precise. With warmer weather comes the perfect opportunity to experience some of the untouched beauty of Texas, including Big Bend, the majestic Chisos Mountains, a ghost town, and a quaint and eclectic sort of town that will appeal to your more artistic sensibilities. It’s actually the experience of a lifetime! You can do this trip in one weekend, but we’d recommend some extra time to stay, play, and enjoy all that West Texas has to offer.

1. Terlingua

A Wonderful West Texas Road Trip: Stay, Play, and Enjoy

Photo: Facebook/Jason Weingart

The “Chili Capital of the World,” as it’s referred to, is also one of the more famous ghost towns in Texas. There’s a souvenir shop which was converted from a former trading post, some of the best West Texas culinary creations you’ll ever come across, and the scenery is as warm and inviting as the locals. Known for its dark skies and storied past, according to those that frequent this part of the state, “The remote town has become a favorite for adventurers, with lodging in the area sometimes being fully booked months in advance.”

2. Big Bend National Park

A Wonderful West Texas Road Trip: Stay, Play, and Enjoy

Photo: Facebook/Big Bend National Park Trail Crew

The view of the Chisos Mountains, the opportunity to hike where possibly no other foot has stepped, and the chance to see the night sky in all its epic beauty are integral components of a West Texas road trip. Subsequently, Big Bend National Park is where you can do all this and then some. While you’re there, take some time to experience Santa Elena Canyon (the deepest in the whole park) together with its refreshing waters. If you’re a photographer by trade, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the most brilliant West Texas night skies – they’re like snowflakes, in that no two of them are ever the exact same.

3. Alpine

A Wonderful West Texas Road Trip: Stay, Play, and Enjoy

Photo: Facebook/Visit Alpine, Texas

Exploring Alpine at the end of your West Texas road trip is a great way to wrap up this epic tour. It boasts a quaint town square steeped in West Texas charm, featuring local arts, affordable gifts and souvenirs, and unique jewelry selections you won’t find elsewhere. There’s considerably more to Alpine than meets the eye, but this gives you just a small taste of it.