Western Art Academy Hosts Today’s Young Artists of a Unique Genre in the Hill Country

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Running from June 10 through July 7 this year, the Schreiner University in conjunction with the Houston Rodeo is in the process of hosting their annual Western Art Academy camp in Kerrville, located in the Texas Hill Country. Known for enhancing their students’ skill sets and interest in western art, this camp is considered very intensive and includes such mediums as painting (with various type of paint), sculpting, and creative exercises to encourage fun and inventiveness in the world of art.

This year’s schedule can be seen taking shape on the official Western Art Academy Facebook page, where pictures and videos of the students, during class and on field trips, can be seen exhibiting the processes and projects that the camp incorporates.

Western Art Academy Hosts Today’s Young Artists of a Unique Genre in the Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Western Art Academy

Students generally hail from the Houston area, and the artwork that they generate at the Western Art Academy camp is tremendous (to say the least). The Houston Rodeo works with the program to provide scholarships for individuals to participate in the camp and further their studies in the creative arts. These grants, originally called “Cowboy Artists of America Scholarships,” were designed for college credit at Schreiner, and the camps boast a group of professional artists, versed in the art of portraying western images, to team-teach the camp. For more information on this year’s event as well as future, upcoming Western Art Academy camp events, please visit their website at the link provided here or follow their official Facebook page.