Doing Western Wear the Right Way: Right Here in Texas

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If you’re looking to fit into the wild west atmosphere of the days of Texas gone by, you actually have some modern-day options, and one which stands out here in the Texas Hill Country is the Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter store of Fredericksburg.

The store’s namesake was considered the western ideal of a plainsman who was recognized for stories of fighting Comanches, John “Texas Jack” Omohundro. Paying homage to the man who was historically considered a valiant cowboy, the store sells 1870s cowboy apparel and gear which is approved as authentic by cowboy action and single action shooting group members. Located in a former 1889 livery stable, this store practically eats, sleeps, and breathes the days of the frontier West, with each sale of a set of spurs, saddle pants, or other such fine clothing.

Doing Western Wear the Right Way: Right Here in Texas

Photo: Flickr/Damien Zech

Texas Jack Wild West Outfitters serves the cowboy passion and trade and all of the folks around the globe that identify with the romance and vitality of this part of Texas western heritage. Often referred to as only “The Greatest Store on Earth,” Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter has over 5,000 square feet western wear and cowboy gear, both classic and modern, and it also does double duty as the Cimarron Fire Arms Co. showroom. With a large selection of cowboy firearms (Cimarron has supplied many of the filmed westerns over the last 30 years), one can not only look the part but feel it as well. So, if you have a desire for fine goods, quality appeal, and the look of the old west, the Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter can suit you right down to your spurs.