Whale Breaches Disturbingly Close to a Small Boat

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Many people have “whale watching” listed on their bucket list. Every day tour boats venture out into the open waters hoping to provide people with a good look at a larger-than-life creature breaching the surface of the water.

Recently, a group of tourists boating in the St. Lawrence River off of the coast of Quebec, Canada were in for more than just a glimpse of a whale in the distance, and their close encounter was all caught on film.

According to RT, this fin whale was roughly “8 meters long and 50 tonnes in weight.” It could have easily flipped over the little boat, though it certainly wouldn’t have been the whale’s intention.

The people on the boat let out some excited, and probably frightened, screams. There is an obvious sense of relief once its fin barely misses their vessel. The crew must have felt worried about the whale’s massive tail, but thankfully, the huge sea creature went below the water just in time to miss coming in contact with the boat.

The video provides a mix of a beautiful look at a mysterious dark gray whale and a disturbing glance at how dangerous the situation could have easily become.