What is ‘ Voluntourism ’ at Thanksgiving?

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What is ‘Voluntourism’ at Thanksgiving?

By Spring Sault

‘Voluntourism’ is defined as a combination of both volunteering and tourism by several upstanding resources. The main focus of this opportunity to date, however, has been abroad, in other nations, with an emphasis on individual projects or programs. Conversely, but with that same concept in mind, this could be applied to a regional opportunity as well, allowing you to not only help someone or something in need, but also get to know another part of your county or state you might not otherwise have had the opportunity to see before.

There are several occasions for giving back, participating, and generally helping others (human or animal) that bring the true feeling of thankfulness to both you and the recipient. Texans, ‘Tex-patriates’ and those that simply want to visit Texas can happily offer their hands–up or – out at any one or more of these Hill Country philanthropic entities.

1. The Hays County Food Bank

What is ‘Voluntourism’ at Thanksgiving?


The Hays County Food Bank (HCFB), and many such similar entities throughout Texas Hill Country, works hard to tackle hunger, keep their shelves stocked and, in general, feed those in need. With flooding incidences in Hill Country, the HCFB anticipates that the number of individuals and families needing assistance will have increased since 2014 – a year which saw nearly 3,400 family signed up for Thanksgiving turkey boxes. If you or your family would like to help this worthy cause and assist families that perhaps lost possessions in the flooding, have been displaced and won’t be spending Thanksgiving in their homes, or generally need our support, you can do one or more of the following:

  1. Donate nonperishable food items to the food bank.
  2. Donate funds to help support the ongoing operations of the Hays County Food Bank
  3. Volunteer – as a driver of a food van, in the warehouse and distribution process, at special events, and even at speaking opportunities!

For more information, visit the Hays County Food Bank website, or call 512-392-8300.

2. Trudy Brune Hill Country SPCA

What is ‘Voluntourism’ at Thanksgiving?

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