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This Old Ladder Just Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint and Some TLC

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Tony Maples Photography


Seeing the treasure beyond the trash is an important way to save money and create personal touches for your home. This old ladder is upcycled into something incredible.

Recently, we featured a DIY bike turned into a sideboard project from Hometalk user Brantley Ashlee of Justin, Texas. Well Brantley is back at the DIY game with their upcycling of this old ladder.

She writes on Hometalk that her and her husband “started with an old ladder [they] found at the antique store for $8.” The first step in turning the old ladder into a beautiful shelving unit was to make the ladder level, which was accomplished by adding more wood to form the shelves.

Then, with a fresh coat of paint, this old ladder becomes an awesome rustic shelving unit that is perfect for holding photographs, flowers, and the like.

Having a rustic centerpiece in the room grounds the rest of the space beautifully, and this ladder DIY is a perfect way to accomplish that.

Also, any structure that can also act as storage is incredibly important in maintaining a neat space instead of letting cluttered corners take over. This ladder nests all of the knick-knacks in one adorable place in the home.