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Whataburger Cash Drops Made by 2 Houston Rappers Giving Back to the Community

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**Note: the video links provided within this article contain language that some may find offensive.**

Two rappers from Houston, Texas recently strolled into a Whataburger in Missouri City and began throwing piles of cash toward incredulous customers, posting a Twitter video of the event where they’re seen standing atop a bench, throwing $100 bills while customers rushed to scoop them up.

Whataburger Cash Drops Made By Two Houston Rappers Giving Back to the Community

Photo: Facebook/Field Sutton WFTV


According to Denzo, who posted the video, he and rapper Trillzaee also visited a Whataburger in Pearland this week, for which Trillzaee posted a video of that instance as well. In total, according to a report by Click 2 Houston, the two have given away approximately $2,500, and don’t plan on quitting there.

Whataburger Cash Drops Made By Two Houston Rappers Giving Back to the Community

Photo: Flickr/Pictures of Money

Presently in the process of determining the best way to do the drops without developing any issues for employees, when asked about continuing these drops in an interview with Fox 26, Denzo explained, “It depends because we are kind of messing up a business. I want to do it differently. I don’t want to mess up people’s business and get people rowdy inside.” After the first successful attempt, Denzo noted that people in need began contacting them, but he said the original concept was just for fun. But, now it’s become a way for them to give back to the community. Also working on a new surprise project in the meantime, Trillzaee and Denzo have been able to promote their music and say they will go wherever their fans wish.


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