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Whataburger Releases 2 New Condiments to Hit the Shelves in H-E-B Stores

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If you find yourself rationing your small, extra tubs of Whataburger Picante Sauce and Salsa Verde, worry no more. Thanks to the partnership between H-E-B and Texas’s favorite orange and white fast food restaurant, the two flavors of condiments will be available for purchase in full-size jars in the hot sauce aisles of H-E-B stores starting this week!

MySA.com recently announced the good news, noting that these sauces are adding to the bounty of deliciousness that Whataburger already has available at H-EB like pancake mix, potato chips, fries, and ketchups and mustards.

Whataburger’s press release includes recommendations for how Texans can properly work the Picante Sauce and Salsa Verde into a home-cooked meal. For the Picante, they say, “Perfect for pairing with eggs and bacon in the morning hours or tacos at lunch, Whataburger’s Picante Sauce is great for dipping, dabbing or topping just about anything that needs a little spice with this one-of-a-kind sauce.”

As for the Salsa Verde, they write that it “provides great flavor that’s perfectly mild when it comes to spice. This light green salsa is made from a blend of onions, jalapeños and tomatillos that will make your breakfast, lunch or dinner more flavorful.”

Add them both to your shopping list!