Sold Out in One Day: Whataburger James Avery Charm Is a Texas Hit

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In a news article by KHOU, it’s been reported that Whataburger, the infamous burger guru of the great state of Texas, says they’re “downright charmed” by the amazing response that Texans gave to their very own custom-made James Avery charm. Why was it so amazing? Fans of the fast-food chain and the Lone Star State managed to purchase all of them in one business day!

That’s right, the Whataburger James Avery charm sold out over the course of one day. This sterling silver bauble at a cost of $60 swept across social media on Monday, October 9, and rendered almost every fan a soon-to-be owner. Either planning for Christmas, wanting to show state pride, or simply a devout follower of all things Whataburger, Texans showed their adoration swiftly.

Sold Out in One Day: Whataburger James Avery Charm is a Texas Hit

Photo: Facebook/KXXV Central Texas News Now

A statement by Whataburger was issued that same day and read as follows: “We’re downright charmed by the response following today’s announcement. At this time, we’re sold out of our James Avery charm, but hope to have more soon. In the meantime, we encourage fans to take advantage of other Whataburger gifts and stay tuned for additional updates.”

Sold Out in One Day: Whataburger James Avery Charm is a Texas Hit

Photo: Facebook/Alamo City Vibes

A private company that often dedicates its work to Christian-themed jewelry, James Avery Craftsman designs, develops and sells such items directly or through partnerships with companies that commission designs – such as Whataburger. Its founder, James Avery, began the business in Kerrville, Texas, in 1954. When he started, he had $250 in working capital and commenced operations out of his (then) mother-in-law’s two-car garage.



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