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Win These Unique Whataburger Shoes by Entering Online Contest

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You might be a Texan if you have a custom Whataburger order you know by heart. Now, that special order can get you more than just a delicious meal. According to the Whataburger website, fast foodies can share their favorite custom orders with #WhatathoseContest on social media or directly on their website. ABC 13 explains that three winners will be chosen by a judging panel after the contest ends on August 7th.

So what can you win? The prizes are perfectly unique and on-brand shoes by San Antonio artist Jake Danklefs that range in price from $1,300 and $2,000. Danklefs is a well-known sneaker artist who takes great pride in his work. “There are a lot of people doing what I do with no artistic ability or design influence. My work is time consuming and detail oriented, and you can see the difference,” he says.

First place takes home the classic orange and white design that resembles the Whataburger buildings and bags. The second place sneakers are black, white, and red shoes with “SPICY” written on one foot, and “KETCHUP” on the other. Third place are adidas low tops with special order “stickers” all over a clean white background.