Two 20-Somethings Take the Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test

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Tony Maples Photography


Few things excite the hearts of Texans like the mention of Whataburger. Whether it’s those late night runs for taquitos or the beloved honey butter chicken biscuit, you either love Whataburger or you hate it. And not people many hate the white and orange, let’s put it that way.

In this video, two taste-testers try out five classic Whataburger items: the jalapeño and cheese Whataburger, the Whataburger patty melt, Whatachick’n strips with gravy, French fries & spicy ketchup, and the honey butter chicken biscuit.

This is the ideal Whataburger lineup for most Whatalovers and really showcases what the Texas brand does best: convenient Southern comfort food. Few fast food restaurants boast the use of jalapeños on its burgers or gravy for sauce. The spicy ketchup is also a rarity that deserves international recognition, but that just may be my own preference. Also, the Texas toast on that patty melt? Classic, buttery goodness.

So how did these two taste-testers like the selections? You’ll have to watch it to find out, but unsurprisingly, one ultimate favorite came out on top, as usual. Do you think they nailed it on their ratings, or is Whataburger just something only Texans truly understand?