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Have You Tried Whataburger’s New Mushroom Swiss Burger?

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Whataburger knows that here in Texas, a few of us are already willing to have a cheat meal or two after starting our New Year diet. In fact, they’re so confident Texans are ready for a high-calorie meal that they just released their Mushroom Swiss Burger for a limited time, and people seem to be thoroughly enjoying it. says the new burger has “…two patties, topped with mushrooms, Swiss cheese and Au Jus sauce,” and it comes in a junior size, as well. But it isn’t exactly a “light” meal option. KHOU reported the unavoidable reality that “…the burger totals a whopping 1110 calories–almost 2000 if you order the ‘What-a-meal.’”

From reviews, the burger sounds like a must-have. Two news anchors from KENS 5 took a trip to Whataburger and recorded their reaction after tasting the Mushroom Swiss Burger for Facebook Live. When Jeff Brady first took a bite, he looked at the camera almost bewildered. “Oh my God…oh, it’s fantastic!” he said. “But I’m biased because I like mushrooms, and I love Swiss, so what’s not to like?” Of course, Whataburger wouldn’t let us down with a less-than-stellar burger. If you are a mushroom fan, this one might be worth bending any New Years resolutions for!