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Will You Try Whataburger’s New Coffee Flavored Shake?

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Start working on your cheek muscles. It’s time to muster all of your strength to suck up the newest flavor of Whataburger shake through that recognizable orange and white striped straw. This week, Whataburger announced the release of their coffee shake through their social media accounts, and though they posted the news near April Fool’s Day, they weren’t kidding about their newest option.

Fox 4 News says that the new flavor is made with “real Columbian coffee,” but it isn’t an overpowering taste. It’s meant to provide the perfect amount of a coffee kick to enhance the deliciously creamy shake Texans know and love.

There’s still some mystery surrounding the shake since there’s no word on whether or not there’s any significant caffeine in the sweet treat, and Whataburger hasn’t announced how long the limited run of the flavor will be available. Much like the root beer shake option, it might become a favorite and then disappear, so stop by soon to get your fix!

So far, it seems like fans are loving the new addition. “OH MY GOSH! This is revolutionary! Thank you!!!!” Gracy Vargas wrote on Whataburger’s Facebook page. And in a friendly Texan fashion, Whataburger quickly replied, “No, thank YOU!”