Breathtakingly Beautiful and Rare White Moose Spotted in the Wild

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A lucky person captured video of a rare moose in Sweden’s Varmland County, and the clip of the majestic creature is going viral. Experts say this moose doesn’t have albinism, it’s actually a rare white moose covered in pale fur. According to ABC 13, there are only 100 or so of the white animals left in Sweden. Hans Nilsson, the man who recorded the video, told a local radio station that it was “as great as seeing a leopard in Africa.”

National Geographic reported that back in June, twin white moose calves were spotted in Norway when they were only about a month old. “Moose researchers pass around photos, and every year or two, we’ll get a photo of a white or piebald moose come across our desk, but it’s not very often,” deer and moose biologist, Lee Kantar told Nat Geo.

Kantar went on to explain that the white moose’s coat doesn’t give it as good of a camouflage as a brown coat. Because of this, the cow moose (female) might have to take extra special care of the pale moose while they are young, so they are not attacked by predators. “Does the color really matter? It might, but it all depends on where it’s at in the moose world,” Kantar said.