White Wine Spritzer is the Sparkly End-of-Summer Cocktail You Need

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If you’re looking for a simple way to make your white wine sparkle (aside from actually drinking sparkling wine…), why not try a white wine spritzer? Here in Texas, we’re known for great wine production. If you haven’t heard that yet, where have you been? It’s absolutely true, and the Texas Hill Country as well as the High Plains region are famed for their grape and wine production. That being said, pick up a bottle of some Texas white wine, and let’s get spritzing!

Shared by The Spruce Eats, this quick and easy wine cocktail allows you to “zing”-up your white wine without it costing an additional arm and a leg, or an added trip to the store because you forgot that you wanted something fizzy and bubbly! A white wine spritzer is actually considered a classic type of drink. With only two ingredients, it’s a wonderful way to dress up a drink for guests at a party, or simply add shimmer and shine to your own glass of still white wine. Integral to making a great spritzer is to ensure both ingredients are as cold as they’re going to get. This temperature makes for a cocktail that’s refreshing but also opens up the bouquet of the wine. The Spruce Eats advises that although you can alter the ratio of mix to suit your choice of wine as well as your tastes, it’s recommended that you start with a mixture of three-to-one, which is three parts of wine to every one part of soda or water.

White Wine Spritzer

White Wine Spritzer is the Sparkly End-of-Summer Cocktail You Need


Key ingredients for this cocktail include:

Chilled White Wine

Cold Club Soda


As The Spruce Eats defines the drink, the white wine spritzer is amazingly simple to make, but it can also be used for easy augmentations. Some ice with fruit frozen inside, or a beautiful and tasty garnish will be impressive and work well with this cocktail. This drink also goes over quite well at brunches, garden parties, bridal showers, and other such intimate gatherings.