Making an Owl a Ring Bearer at an Indoor Wedding: Not the Best Idea

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This couple clearly wanted their rings to be delivered to them with finesse and style, so they decided to enlist the help of an owl. However, their indoor wedding venue did not suit this creature’s fancy.

Birds at a wedding are common theme, but typically those weddings and releases take place outdoors. This indoor wedding ceremony was clearly not a good idea for any kind of avian appearance, let alone a huge owl that just wants to roam free.

The owl, with rings tied to his feet, is released down the aisle, no doubt in the middle of the ceremony. While it looks like he’ll perform his stately duties, he instead careens right and makes a mad dash for the window.

While we know the owl is okay, it still doesn’t make the sound of him smacking into the venue window feel better. The poor guy was just trying to go where he is naturally disposed to go: outside. You can see how massive the owl is, too, by the comparison of his wings against the window.

This video is silly, but also a great reminder to not use birds during an indoor wedding ceremony because oftentimes, harm will come to the creates and also your own wedding guests.