Whole Foods Introduces Mac and Cheese Bar With Tower of Cheese

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In an amazing move that’s making macaroni and cheese lovers everywhere drool, Whole Foods is rolling out a mac and cheese bar! That’s right. In addition to the prepared-food offerings that it presently makes for its loyal fans, its new Denver, Colorado location in Union Station will be steadily enticing its customers through the door towards the melted cheese that awaits.

Whole Foods Introducing First Ever Mac and Cheese Bar With Tower of Cheese

Photo: Facebook/Wired News

The very first of its kind in the U.S., the Colorado store will feature a 6-foot-long mac and cheese bar serving creamy comfort food goodness in the form of different varieties of cheese with options such as barbecued pulled pork, roasted tomato, and a vegan option (aside from the classic goodness of regular mac and cheese).

Whole Foods Introducing First Ever Mac and Cheese Bar With Tower of Cheese

Photo: Facebook/Talia Solomon

With its home base in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods has been striving to bring nothing but the best to its customers since 1984. Its first expansion was in-state, with a move to Lousiana in 1988 and the western coast of the U.S. in 1989. Now, with stores in several states, this latest addition of a mac and cheese bar and subsequent 100-pound tower display of handcrafted cheeses from local Colorado vendors is simply one more reason shoppers love this chain. Twitter has blown up over the news with many followers asking the company to expand this offering to their local Whole Foods store, which still remains to be seen.