Burger King Introduces ‘Whopperito,’ Texans Cringe

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Burger King is introducing a new creation to satisfy a fast food lover’s taste buds. The convoluted concoction is called the Whopperito, and you may be able to guess the ingredients from its name.

The Whopperito is basically billed as a Whopper inside of a burrito-sized tortilla. That means fast foodies will bite into a flour tortilla filled with pieces of hamburger beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and nacho cheese to top it all off.

Those eager to try the new meal can expect to satisfy their curiosity on August 15 when the product is sold nationwide at Burger King locations. If you especially enjoy the meal, be sure to get your fill quickly as the hybrid burrito will only be available for three or four months.

Unwrapping the elusive #whopperito

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FOX 32 News reports that the creation of the Whopperito might have stemmed from the shaky state of Chipotle Mexican Grill. Burger King hopes the new product can compete with Chipotle which is currently suffering from some negative publicity and decreased sales after customers became ill while dining at some Chipotle locations.

The Whopperito will cost $2.99 by itself or $4.99 as a combination meal and will be available at a drive-thru near you should you get a simultaneous craving for a burrito and a hamburger.