Why Texans Are the Way They Are (and Why We’re Proud to Be Texans)

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Tony Maples Photography


Ever wonder why Texans are the way they are? Many born and raised outside of Texas often generalize Texans as prideful, arrogant, chauvinistic rednecks that carry guns and wear cowboy hats and boots.

However, anyone that knows a Texan knows they have every reason to be proud: they stand their ground, they cherish and take care of their loved ones, their guns are tools to be used for food and defense, and their wardrobe is not just a fashion statement. Anyone ever stand in 100 degree heat, sun blazing, and dust blowing? Let’s not forget about critters and snakes. The cowboy hat keeps the sun off the face and out of the eyes, and the boots are good for riding and keeping feet safe. Above all, Texans have a heart the size of the state itself.

It’s time to dispel the generalization about Texas and its people. There are reasons Texans are the way they are and it is best explained in this Texas poem called Texas Pride by Don Cadden. This YouTube video was filmed and posted by Jay B. Sauceda as part of a project to document Cowboy Poetry. He filmed Don in Alpine, Texas.

After hearing this poem, many will change their stance on what they think of their Texas friends. Texans should know this one by heart!