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Wife of Houston Constable Warns Public of Shopping Scam She Nearly Fell For

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Jennifer Rosen, who happens to be the wife of Constable Alan Rosen of Harris County Precinct One, spoke to KHOU about a fraudulent check she received in the mail after signing up to become a mystery shopper. The check appeared to be from BBVA Compass, but it didn’t feature a hologram, nor did it feel like “check quality.”

Rosen thought she was signing up to engage in mystery shopping at Walmart after providing her name and address to a company online. Instead, she was sent the fake check through Priority Mail for $2,890.45 with printed instructions on how to transfer the funds to different people, making her an integral part of a scam. Thankfully, she recognized the check as a fake before going too far.

Now, Constable Rosen wants to investigate the scam further and trace it back to the culprit. He encourages anyone who has dealt with a similar scam to contact authorities.

The FTC warns those interested in becoming a mystery shopper to pay close attention to details. Their website reads, “Legitimate mystery shopping opportunities are out there, but so are plenty of scams. If an opportunity is on the up and up, you won’t have to pay an application fee or deposit a check and wire money on to someone else.”