Wildflower Art Gallery Allows Nature’s Beauty Into Your Home

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There’s a special time of year when all of Texas goes out of their way to look for wildflowers. However, those in Wimberley, in the Texas Hill Country, have that opportunity year-round! Wildflower Art Gallery, owned and operated by Linda Calvert Jacobson, is all about wildflowers! Not only is Jacobson an entrepreneur and gallery owner, she’s also an artist and teacher of her craft.

What originally started as a passion for abstract art soon fueled her desire to paint flowers. When she left her full-time job in 2003 to begin teaching private art classes, she also launched a wildflower series, which Jacobson continues to market to this day. Together with her husband, whom she credits for being the life and business partner she needed, they run the Wildflower Art Gallery in Wimberley, located at the first shop entrance on the right, entering Olde Town Plaza. Five years after it originally opened, Jacobson continues to paint and teach, while inspiring others with her beautiful wildflower art.

Why not? Just a glimpse of a beautiful Texas wildflower can bring sunshine to the darkest day! The paintings that Jacobson creates “bring a little happiness into your life,” and we all need a little bit of that every now and then. Those of you who are unable to physically make the trip to the Wildflower Art Gallery can also view her works of art in an online portfolio available at the link provided here.

Wildflower Art Gallery Allows Nature’s Beauty Into Your Home

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Today, the couple continues to manage the Wildflower Art Gallery while also traveling and teaching, visiting galleries, and participating in festivals and fine art showings. Known for her vibrant works, Jacobson has a reputation in the art world for her uplifting pieces. If you’ve ever stood on the side of the road or in someone’s backyard simply gazing out over the dazzling masterpiece that nature puts before you when wildflower season is in full bloom, imagine having even a small piece of that in your own home to bring a smile to your face and make you feel good! That’s the success behind the Wildflower Art Gallery and the work that Linda Calvert Jacobson does.