Will Balmorhea Remain Undisturbed After Oil Discovery?

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Out in the Texas desert, Balmorhea State Park  offers the largest spring-fed swimming pool in the world. Visitors can swim or scuba dive in the clear waters to check out the fish and underwater plants. One can camp or just spend an afternoon relaxing in the unique Texas landscape.

But now that a massive amount of oil was found underneath the surface of the land in the Midland Basin region, anxiety has flared. People are worried about nature’s reaction, like the possibility of earthquakes and the damaging of land. Will Balmorhea State Park remain a beautiful refuge?

The Texas Observer writes, “Environmental groups see Apache’s plans for the Alpine High as the next big fight in a rolling conflict between the fossil fuel industry and local communities.” Fracking and building infrastructure go hand-in-hand. This could lead to the Trans-Pecos region transforming from a quiet town to an “industrial hub.”

A spokesperson from the energy company Apache Corp. contacted the Texas Observer to say that they take the Balmorhea area very seriously. They claim, “We set aside the park, as well as the city limits of Balmorhea…to any oil and gas exploration.” Residents hope they will stick to their plan of preserving the land.