Willie Nelson Has a Special Message for Those Who Mess with Texas

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The Texas Department of Transportation was once known for its quirky anti-littering ads featuring different stars, from Dallas Cowboys football stars to Willie Nelson.

Sitting on a beautiful road in what can be assumed is the middle of the Texas Hill Country, Willie sits on his stool with his guitar, and sings little ditty about not messing with Texas. Littering is the name of the game, and it’s just not cool.

Classic Willie knows best, and his message is still totally applicable today. Don’t mess with Texas in any way, but especially don’t just drop your trash on the beautiful, scenic roads here. Respect Texas! Treat it like someone you love.

Watching Willie Nelson from years ago is always a special treat and reminds us, though we couldn’t forget, how wonderful of a performer he’s been for so many years. His charisma, even in this silly Texas anti-littering commercial, is undeniable.

So savor this classic advertisement and enjoy a piece of classic Willie Nelson.