Willie Nelson Talks About How He Overcame Bullying as a Kid

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Music lovers and pop culture aficionados alike adore one of Texas’ most iconic and friendly musicians – Willie Nelson. It may come as a surprise to many that Nelson experienced bullying as a child and was made to feel like an outsider.

Great Big Story, a video network that features short clips of interesting people speaking on a variety of topics, filmed Nelson talking about his childhood. The musician explains how he learned to treat people with respect and kindness despite how other kids were acting toward him.

Nelson’s musings are a great lesson to everyone. He provides some insight into bullying and how the feelings that result from being teased can be turned into positivity.

“We’re all responsible for each other,” Nelson says. It’s easy to see from his choices to support charities and good causes that he pays attention to the world around him and how he can help build it up instead of bringing it down.

If you enjoyed hearing Nelson’s tale, Great Big Story has another amazing clip where he talks about the time he played chess with Ray Charles who taught him a bit of humility. It is almost like a scene out of movie!