One For My Baby: Willie Nelson Releases New Music Video

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Scheduled for release on Friday, September 14, Willie Nelson’s album “My Way” will be available on CD, vinyl, and in digital formats. Plus, as a preview of his latest masterpiece, he recently released his third and final full video from the project, entitled “One For My Baby (And One More For The Road).”

A departure from the country music microphone, “My Way” is a collection of standards which were made famous by Nelson’s close friend and fellow music icon, Frank Sinatra. Produced by Buddy Cannon and Matt Rollings, the album features lush string and horn arrangements smoothly combined with that one-of-a-kind singing voice his fans have come to love. Following video releases for “I’ll Be Around” and “Summer Wind,” which were both released over this past season, “One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)” can be watched below.

Paying homage to his heroes, Nelson recorded “My Way” in the spirit of his iconic 1978 Stardust album. Not one to shy away from trying new things (such as “Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin), he once again spreads his wings as a performer, producing an album which may bring many of these songs to new listeners for the very first time. “I learned a lot about phrasing listening to Frank,” Willie explained in a recent AARP magazine interview. “He didn’t worry about behind the beat or in front of the beat, or whateverhe could sing it either way, and that’s the feel you have to have.” Doing things his way is no foreign concept to Nelson, who helped pioneer “outlaw” country music in the Texas Hill Country in the ‘70s – a form viewed as anti-establishment at the time. Again, taking a shift in style and sound, Nelson brings his own flavor to “My Way”, which can be pre-ordered at the link available here. Once you hear it, you’ll be hooked on songs such as “Summer Wind,” “Fly Me To The Moon,” and, of course, the title track “My Way.” It’s a masterpiece of standards, done in a not-so-standard way.