Willie Nelson Can Lull You Into a Trance With a Tune Made for a Texas Summer Day

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With a video list as long as your arm (or longer) and a hit list equally as impressive, Willie Nelson on YouTube is an excellent way to while away a hot Texas spring or summer day. Whether you’re looking for a full playlist, a particular hit, or even a hard-to-find tune that takes you back, he’s the man with the song that will send you into a lull of listening beauty.

Known intimately in the Texas Hill Country, Nelson is synonymous with the sound of the outlaw movement. It was a progressive sound that made its way out of Texas in the ’70s and found fans who were looking for something other than the canned hits that were known to be generated out of Nashville at the time – a.k.a. the “country music capital.” When others were dressed in rhinestones and singing about things that listeners weren’t entirely sure they could identify with, Nelson, along with many of his counterparts, hit the airwaves with their own brand of music. It was a style and mindset that was easily adopted throughout the U.S. and beyond.

A fine example of his classic style, the official video for “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” was posted to the WillieNelsonVEVO YouTube channel in 2013. In that time, it has garnered over 14 million views, making it one of the more popular of his tunes and videos, not to mention setting the stage for a great afternoon of summer listening. If you’re up for a day of simply sitting back on your lawn chair or picnic table, sipping on something cool and refreshing, looking around you at the trees swaying in the wind while the sun shines down, this is definitely the song to serve as your soundtrack. The melodious quality of his voice harmonizing effortlessly with the guitar is achingly beautiful. Couple that together with perhaps recalling a time when you made a decision in life such as the one the protagonist of this song is referencing, and you’ve got the perfect method to ease your mind and soothe your soul. Willie Nelson really is a singer of a special sort and an ambassador of Texas music unlike any other.