Fans Find Golden Nuggets of Value in Willie Nelson’s Candid Lifestyle Interview Responses

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As Willie tells it, “I’ve never seen worrying about anything change it, so I decided not to do it.” In a video interview with Southern Living Magazine, they asked the questions, and Willie Nelson gave them his straight-forward, honest answers. The interview was recently shared by the magazine on their Facebook page, quoting Willie in the lead-up caption. And his fans responded to his frankness in true country music fashion.

“My Hero. I was standing in line in Memphis TN, to get my ticket for the Willie Nelson show when someone behind told us that Elvis Presley had just passed away. Willie dedicated the whole show in memory of Elvis. He has been my hero ever since. Of course his songs are number one with me. I love Willie,” said one true-blue fan.

“Love my Willie. Love this interview. Been going to see Willie for almost 60 years. First time at a little beer joint on Lake Brownwood in Texas. Many times in between-Panther Hall, Longhorn Ballroom, Billy Bob’s. Last time at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, last November. Got his autograph tattooed on my ankle after the concert. Worn out lots of his LP’s, 8 tracks, and cassettes. Now have mostly CD’s and, of course, I have a lot of his music on my playlist on my iPhone. Stay tuff, Willie. Get rest and get healthy!” said another.

All of his fans commented in this fashion following the heartfelt, honest manner in which he himself gave his responses. Questions pertained to some fan-based standards such as favorite southern food, but for the most part, Nelson communicated some great anecdotes and some sage advice!

If you’re looking for a dose of what’ll get you through, Willie Nelson proves he’s more than man enough to give it to you now than perhaps he was in his younger years. When asked what he would tell his 19-year-old self, he responds, “Shut up!” But his advice goes beyond quips and laughs. He notes the value of the martial arts to his lifestyle, and the act of observing what worrying has or has never done for anyone. Wiser words have yet to be spoken by someone in his position, which must be why his fans take to him so kindly and care for him like they do.

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