Wine Purse Makes Getting to the Grape Juice Easy

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Wine lovers rejoice. Thanks to a stylish and functional new wine purse, you can take your favorite bottle of fermented grape juice wherever you go.

Suppose you’re a guest at a party where the only available alcoholic beverage is beer. And suppose you just aren’t a beer person. You have a more sophisticated palate, one that prefers a bouquet with hints of oak and cherries to a burp-inducing bubbly beverage made from lowly hops and grains. Yet, toting around a couple of bottles of wine, one in each hand, might seem a bit of an impediment when it comes to mingling.

And since you’re a person that likes to make a fashion statement, you don’t want anything to take away from the ensemble you planned especially for this event. You want to be able to float with grace and ease through a room for all to admire, doling out hugs and handshakes as you meet your friends. You can’t be weighed down like a sinking stone, your hands tied up, clutching your two bottles of red like a child clutches his favorite toy.

Check out this video from Delish that solves all your problems with a simple handbag. Not only is it bold and beautiful, but the bag can also hold your keys, wallet, cell phone, and corkscrew. What’s more, it holds up to two bottles of wine (or any of your favorite go-to drinks) tucked away in an insulated pouch all without the hassle of dragging around heavy, cumbersome bottles. With the spout hidden beneath a tiny flap in the bag, dispensing and refilling your glass is as easy as drinking from a sippy cup. In fact, you may find that you can ditch the wine glass altogether and drink directly from your bag.

So go ahead. You owe it to yourself to drink what you like while looking good and remaining hindrance free. Don’t be a prisoner to someone else’s drink choices. Bring your own booze and look good doing it.