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A Winning Powerball Ticket Was Sold in a Houston Grocery Store

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In Saturday night’s Powerball drawing, the numbers 6, 21, 41, 52, 62, and Powerball 26 popped up as the winners. CBS News has since revealed that one winning $1 million-ticket was sold at a Houston Kroger on Kirby Drive. Though the identity of the person who bought the ticket is not currently public knowledge, the currently anonymous winner started making headlines on Monday for picking the right numbers after enduring the devastation of Harvey. “Thousands were displaced by the storm, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott estimates that it caused up to $180 billion in damage.” CBS reminds readers.

On the Texas Lottery Facebook page where the Houston winner was announced, some commenters responded negatively. Several people typed that it seemed like the game was rigged to go to a Houstonian and that it was odd a Houston area (presumed) flood victim was spending money on the lottery. On the other hand, others were thrilled to read the news, understanding that the lottery is a game of chance that someone going through a terrible ordeal would be desperately hoping to win. Blake Luce writes, “That’s awesome! If they are one of those victims from the storm Harvey… They deserve EVERY PENNY!!”