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Witte Museum in San Antonio to Reopen With Impressive Improvements

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Tony Maples Photography


The Witte Museum on Broadway Street in San Antonio has undergone a major transformation. At 90-years-old, the museum needed some updates, and thanks to a $100 million project, Texans will revel in the immediately evident improvements. “It happens pretty rarely, this kind of extension renovation. You guys are lucky,” MySA.com quotes the president and CEO of the American Alliance of Museums, Laura Lott.

Those who visited the Witte in the past will remember the triceratops replica. Now, the triceratops is joined by a Tyrannosaurus rex, Acrocanthosaurus and Mozasaurus in the Valero Great Hall. Another dino replica, a Quetzalcoatluswill, glows inside a 28-foot glass cube that will greet visitors as they enter the museum.

The opening day to the public falls on March 4th, but several member preview parties are taking place beforehand to introduce Witte Museum supporters to their new campus. If you’re curious about the collection, but can’t make it to San Antonio for a while, the San Antonio Express-News has created an informative e-visit through 360 views and videos where one can see the exhibits. Although the images were taken while installations were in progress, you can still get an idea of how the Witte will continue to delight visitors of all ages.