Woman Beats World Record By Running Her Legs Around Her Head

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Tony Maples Photography


Recently, a woman from London named Leilani Franco completed an amazing, though strange-looking, feat. According to the Guinness World Records, she beat the record for “Most Full Body Revolutions Maintaining A Chest Stand.” In the video, Franco runs her feet around her torso 29 times in only 60 seconds! She beat the original record of 25, which was achieved by none other than Franco herself.

When Franco was 19-years-old, she joined the circus in Canada for three years as a contortionist. On her Facebook page, she’s described as a “Contortionist:Filmmaker:Media Artist. Guinness World Records holder and Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Semi-finalist. MA student at Central Saint Martins.”

Of course, full body revolutions in a chest stand isn’t Franco’s only talent, and it’s not even her only world record. Guinness World Records writes that in 2013, she “travelled in a backbend position a distance of 20 m (65 ft 7.2 in) in a time of 10.05 sec,” and she completed the “fastest contortion roll over a distance of 20 m (65 ft 7.2 in) in a time of 17.47 sec.”

Watch her break her own record in the video below where she stays cool and even keeps a smile on her face during her successful attempt.