Woman Giving Birth Still Waits in Checkout Line at Walmart

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Cecilia Rivas felt her contractions start early in the day, but judging from her first two children, she thought she had more than enough time to go grab some last minute items from her local Utah Walmart before the baby arrived. According to KSLA, once she got in the checkout lane, she knew she had underestimated her little boy.

Even though she doubled over in pain while checking out, she insisted on paying. Once the cashier handed her change, her water broke and she felt the baby beginning to make a grand entrance into the world. Incredibly, a woman behind her in line rose to the occasion and assisted the mom by having her lay on the ground and push. Walmart employees grabbed supplies and even held up a shield of sheets to give her some privacy.

Luckily, all is well with the newborn with an unusual birth story. The beautiful baby was born with a head full of hair and a basket of Walmart goodies on the way from the store manager, Dustin Haight.

Fox 13 reports that Haight says register 11 will “never be the same.” He joked, “I think we’ve renamed it register baby – so whenever we call for help on register 11 it will be now register baby.”