Woman Trains Her Dogs to Pull Her in a ‘Dog-Drawn Carriage’

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Last week, 13WMAZ posted a photo of Daphene Lewis visiting a McDonald’s drive-thru in Hawkinsville, Georgia with her dog-drawn “carriage” called a “sulky.” Social media commenters had varying responses. Some thought it looked fun for the dogs while others were concerned about the well-being of the pooches. In order to clear a few things up, the WMAZ spoke with Lewis to learn more about her self-made sulky.

While living on a farm, Lewis trains her big (and medium-sized) pups to pull the sulky as a way to get plenty of exercise with a fun twist. She says they enjoy working together, and it’s more exciting than using a leash. The device itself lifts up on the dogs’ harnesses and does not put extra weight onto their backs. Also, the big tires make it easy to pull.

The McDonald’s trip was the crew’s first public appearance, and since Lewis sells sulkies, more could pop up in the future. “We believe that dogs love to run and dogs need to run…You guide them and keep them safe. We believe that shelter dogs rehabilitate when given a chance to work on a team and pull a sulky,” it’s explained on the Chalo Sulky website.

Suspension sulkies run around $1,500, while bamboo sulkies cost $1,300 or $2,000 depending on the style.