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Woman Finds a Long Lost Ring Banded Around a Carrot in Her Garden

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At 84-years-old, Mary Grams of Alberta, Canada assumed she would never see the diamond ring she received in 1951 ever again. She lost it in 2004 while she was tending to her garden and was never able to uncover it.

“I went to the garden for something and then I don’t know I seen this big, big weed and I don’t know why I had to pull it. I should have left it or at least pulled with my right hand. It must have got caught in here somewhere and pulled the ring off and I still can’t figure out the big knuckle it got over it somehow,” Grams told NBC News.

The BBC says she only told her son about the lost piece of jewelry because she was embarrassed. She even went so far as to replace it with a cheap knock off to fool the rest of her family, but now, her secret is out to the world!

Recently, her daughter-in-law who now lives on the property, was pulling carrots from the garden when she lifted out a vegetable with a shiny belt of sorts. Around the middle of the carrot was a beautiful diamond ring. Shocked by the carrot which must have grown straight down into the ring’s opening, she showed her mother who immediately recognized it.

Grams is happy to have her ring back, and a wonderful story to go with it.