Woman Becomes First Female to Travel to Every Country in the World

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Tony Maples Photography


Cassie De Pecol recently received the title of becoming the first woman to document a trip to every country on Earth. As CNN writes, De Pecol made it to the “world’s 196 sovereign nations in 18 months and 26 days, De Pecol made the trip in less than half the time it took the previous Guinness World Record holder.”

Her journey, which started in July 2015, involved working alongside the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism to promote a peaceful coexistence across the world and creating sustainable tourism. She met with students to talk about keeping the environment in mind when you travel, and she spoke with country officials to form friendly relationships. Forbes adds that De Pecol also collected samples of water for the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, all while filming a documentary about her massive trip and goals.

De Pecol only spent about two to five days in each country and it cost roughly $200,000 to complete the trip. She used money from her sponsors like Clif Bars. Of course, she also had to ambitiously plan how to get into each country where Americans aren’t as welcome. “There have been cases when I post on my Facebook ‘Hi I need help getting into Libya’ or ‘I need help getting into Syria,’ and at that point it’s kind of trusting in the unknown, trusting in people,” she told CNN.

Check out photos from her incredible journey here.