102-Year-Old Woman Gets ‘Arrested’ as Part of Her Bucket List

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Many people make bucket lists when they get older. Common items include traveling the world, learning a new language and starting a business, but Edie Simms had something a bit more unconventional in mind. She wanted to be arrested!

At 102-years-old, Simms leads a life that isn’t riddled with crime, so she thought she might not get the experience of being handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car. St. Louis police agreed to play along, and carefully “arrested” Simms.

CNN reports that Michael Howard of the Five Star Senior Center said, “She was so excited that she can ride in a police car and she said, ‘Do you think you could put those handcuffs on me?'”

Normally, Simms can be found taking part in more pleasant hobbies like crafting. She’s made hundreds of items for seniors at the center, but after handing out some of her items recently, she was met by police who whisked her away in a police car.

The task was a nice change of pace for St. Louis officers as well. Sgt. John McLaughlin said, “We’re more than happy to do these type of things. We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do.”