Woman Catches Her Husband Having a Giggle Fit in His Sleep

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Earlier this year, America’s Funniest Home Videos uploaded a clip of a man whose wife caught him laughing in his sleep. The man has a full on giggle fit while he slumbers, and the laughter is contagious.

The National Sleep Foundation calls sleep talking (which laughing is considered a part of) “somniloquy.” This disorder is more common in children and men, and the sleepy culprits aren’t aware that they’re talking nor laughing. “Little is known about the content of the sleep talking: some talking makes no sense at all and some of it may relate to past events, experiences, and relationships that no longer have current relevance or emotional impact,” they write. states that sleep-laughing can occur when the sleeper is moving from one non-REM state to another “or less commonly a partial “motor breakthrough” during REM sleep (so that dreams are to some extent ‘acted out’ aloud). The talking can vary from gibberish or indistinct mumblings to shouting or even complex monologues and dialogues.”


They go on to say that normally, sleep talking (or laughing) is nothing to worry about. Clearly, it doesn’t seem to bother this couple who shared their hilarious experience with all of America!