Woman Jumped Out of Plane’s Emergency Exit at IAH

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On Monday, a United flight landed about 30 minutes early after traveling from New Orleans. While the plane was taxiing, a woman pushed the emergency exit door open in the middle of the plane and jumped out and ran toward the gate. Time writes that she was treated for minor injuries, and taken away to be psychiatrically evaluated due to her bizarre behavior.

Fellow passenger Cathy Cole wrote on her Facebook page detailing the event. “A lady opened emergency exit door which she was seated next to and jumped off plane. Ran to terminal. We stopped short of gate waiting and she got the exit door open and jumped off onto tarmac!” she said. The news spread through social media while shocked passengers tweeted and posted about the odd happening. They say the woman was seen paying cash for the flight and switching seats at one point to sit at the emergency exit.

Once the plane reached the gate, they had to wait for the FAA to board the plane to detain witnesses and take a look at the aftermath of the incident. ABC 13 reports that neither the police nor the FBI have decided to move forward with pressing charges for the incident.