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Texans Reach Out to Help Woman Who Lost Her Beloved Elvis Collection in a Storm

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According to a recently posted GoFundMe page, 85-year-old Dorothy Pierson and her 58-year-old daughter with special needs, Teresa, were left with nothing but their family Bible when a tornado ripped through the small town of Fruitvale. Though the mother and daughter were safe during the storm, Teresa was saddened when she lost something very precious to her – a collection of Elvis memorabilia.

Luckily, Texans know how to lift each other up when times get rough. KLTV filmed as neighbors brought various Elvis-themed items that they owned to donate to Teresa’s new collection. A table full of memorabilia like statues, dolls, and even a piggy bank decorated in Elvis’s likeness greeted a surprised Teresa like gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. She was in awe of her new goodies, and Dorothy was equally elated. “I just feel so blessed. I can’t thank everybody enough, far and wide. I know Teresa is beyond words,” Dorothy said.

Gib Maynard even arrived at the party dressed as The King himself. “It’s not just dressing up and performing Elvis that keeps the spirit of Elvis alive, this is something that Elvis would have done,” he told the news after serenading Teresa who looked transfixed and delighted.