East Texas Woman Makes Blankets for the Homeless with Plastic Bags

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When East Texas resident Pamela Benson learned that a Longview man who was living on the streets died from exposure to the cold, she knew she wanted to take action. According to KLTV, Benson watched a video on Facebook to learn how to begin crocheting blankets out of recycled materials to give to the homeless.

She said the first blanket took her four weeks to make, but she expects the production to move along more quickly now that she understands the material much better. She’s working with “plyarn,” a unique kind of “yarn” she makes by folding and cutting plastic bags and rolling them into a ball. It takes 500 bags made into yarn balls to create a single blanket!

Benson is working alongside the Made to Love Ministries whose mission statement is to “show Christ’s love to those that the world has deemed unloveable.” Benson and the organization say they need bag donations as well as any volunteers who would like to learn the craft, too. She says she plans on making the bags no matter how bad her hands hurt because there are people out there who need them, and it could make the difference between life and death.

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